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Our services


Managed Service – Salesforce and Certinia

Remove the need to hire internally while staying up to date on features and best practices from our experienced consultants. We run a case management system with tight SLA’s to keep your business running as it should.


Salesforce and Certinia Implementations

If you are new to Salesforce or Certinia and want someone to help implement the platform, reach out to us and we’ll fully review your business processes and make sure the switch is as smooth as it can be. We personally make sure that everything has been thought of and have years of experience from end-to-end Lead to Ledger processes.


Salesforce and Certinia Optimisation

Already a Salesforce or Certinia customer but feel that you may not be reaping the full benefit of your platform? We can perform process reviews to show you how new features can really make a difference in how you manage tasks. Whether it be automating collections, Recognising revenue, Billing efficiencies or reporting etc. You can be confident that we have seen it before and will be able to work alongside you in saving time and money.


Bespoke Salesforce and Certinia Solutions

We’ve worked with many customers and have seen common pain points in processes that are still manual / take a lot of time. We take the time to review these processes and come up with the best way to automate as much as possible while considering that changes will still happen. Check out our products page for more info on previous projects that we’ve implemented for lots of happy customers.


Full Health-Checks

Not sure if your permissions / profiles are in great shape or just want a general overview of your org. Reach out and we’ll talk you through what steps we take to get you back on track. Sometimes scaling back what you have will be a big win, lots of people enter records “just because” and they have no business impact at all.


Salesforce / Certinia Training

We’ll ensure that your end users are fully up to speed on how to navigate and use the platform as best as they can. Whether that be a super user / system admin or an end user logging time / managing their own records.


Reporting Solutions – Analytics / Excel Connectors

We can help build reports, from the standard Salesforce reports, financial reporting or Analytics to building full reporting packs linked to Excel or G-sheets.


Bespoke Conga solutions

We can configure Conga to produce documents based on all different scenarios, whether you want to create a Proposal or Statement of work based off of Opportunity fields, Change requests from PSA budgets or even a project progress report all with the click of a button. Even if you have something as simple as a Purchase Order or Remittance amendment, we can help. We can configure these to make sure all documents that are created follow the same structure and are the most up to date as they can be. No more wasting time looking around for an updated word template or updating an old proposal.

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